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The goal of energy healing is to bring well-being on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, as well as to reconnect with one's very essence.

We can have recourse to energy treatment for problems of:

  • of limiting belief (s).

  • pathological: stomach pain, back pain, headaches, joints ...

  • of skin: eczema, burns ...

  • weight.

  • emotional: depression, discomfort, burn-out, anxiety ...

  • hyperactivity, concentration disturbances.

  • tired.

  • allergies: pollen, food ...

  • an addiction: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, computer ...

  • serious illnesses (in conjunction with medical treatment).

  • a blockage encountered in life.

  • a subtle blockage: karmic, subtle presences, curses, etc.

  • any other problem for which the cause is unknown.

Course of a session

After a discussion where you explain the intention of the healing to me, I invite you to sit on the massage table or to remain seated and relax. For my part, I connect to an energy Intelligence and put myself in a modified state of consciousness in order to allow a better circulation of the energy of care.

During the process, different sensations or none may appear in the consultant. There is no bad feeling. I invite you to welcome whatever comes or does not come.

I may speak during the altered state of consciousness. These are messages that will facilitate the healing.

Once the healing is finished, I offer a debriefing if the consultant deems it necessary.

One session is sufficient.

I invite the consultant not to have any particular expectation in relation to the session. Healing energy has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to act. 

NB: energy healing is intended to be preventive and in no way replaces a prescription or recommendation given by a doctor. 

Duration: 1 hour


In person:€110 

Remotely: €100

Via Zoom platform.

Any session that has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

Duration: 30 mins

Price : 

Face-to-face: €65

Remotely: €60

Via Zoom platform.

Any reserved service that has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

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Dawn(USA) - Soin énergétique

Jim Richard is one of the most talented healers and channelers I have ever had the honor of seeing! Jim has a genuine gift for Trance, both in his messages and healings. I cannot express enough my gratitude for these sessions and how they have helped me to heal.


The messages I've received from Jim during our sessions have helped me feel stronger inside myself and trust the Power within me. Jim has brought clarity to my situations and peace to my mind - in both his Trance Healing and Trance Speaking. I am a different person because of him. 


I will definitely see Jim again in the future for his accurate insights and healing, incredible knowledge, and high degree of professionalism. I highly recommend this talented man!

Alexis  (Belgique) 

Jim is a gentle man, and you can feel it in his care. He's relevant and always gives us the information we need, tactfully and diplomatically, just when we need it. I really like his ability to target what needs to be treated during a session. The result is always positive (at least it always has been for me).


Thanks to her treatments, I've been able to develop my self-confidence and bring out my inner power, the creative drive that I'd been suppressing for several years.


I recommend him and his treatments for the calm and gentleness he brings through his caring presence, and for the surprising changes his treatments can bring to our lives.

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