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Like the living being, the place is crossed by energy. According to various factors which I will detail below, vibrations emanate from both sides in a habitat and exert an impact, sometimes negative, sometimes positive, on the place or the individuals themselves.

The purpose of geobiology is to observe the influence of these energies of the place and to harmonize them, so that they bring you harmony and resourcing.

It applies to any type of building, as well as to a home, store or business.

Here are the points I am focusing on:

  1. Geological disturbances: energetic fluids come from the friction of underground water currents; underground cavities or changes in soil type.

  2. Air ionization.

  3. Cosmo-telluric networks.

  4. Electrical pollution: devices emit electrical pollution which, when in too regular contact with them, turns out to be harmful. This is all the more important with new technologies.

  5. Electromagnetic pollution: radio waves, the wifi network, waves emitted by cordless telephones, GSM, etc.

  6. Subtle energies: how the person experiences their space, the memories of the place, presences, etc.

The experience led me to note that any place reflects a symbolic aspect for its occupant.

A home will reflect the inner state of a person, while a professional environment will mainly reflect the interaction of the individual (employer as employee) with the outside.

Duration: 3 hours.


In person285€

I come to your home 

Any session that has not been canceled 5 days in advance is due.

Remotely: 235€

I work off plan.

Any session that has not been canceled 5 days in advance is due.



Aurélie and Tobias  (Belgium) 

My partner and I called on Jim's talents as a geobiologist. We wanted to know better our environment, our place of life and also to put things in place to make us feel even better! We have not been disappointed! It is with sympathy and professionalism that Jim took the time to analyze the place from all angles and also to explain to us with a lot of pedagogy. We were even able to experiment by ourselves through our feelings or with the pendulum and the dowsing rods. We were thus able to better understand what our relationship was with the place we inhabit. How the place impacted us but also vice versa and how, in the end, we formed together like a microcosm with many interactions at different levels. He made several interventions in order to harmonize these aspects. Since then, the whole tribe is delighted, animals included! Thanks Jim!

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