Energy healing

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Spiritual assestment


Cleansing your energies.

Analysis of the different blockages, questions, professional projects, in all aspects of your life.





Trance speaking

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Communication with your loved ones (relatives, friends, family ...) in the spiritual world.

Energy cleansing for any type of place.

Spiritual guidance in which the medium allows spiritual Intelligence to speak directly to the consultant.

Who am I ?

Graduated with a Master in languages and classical letters and an aggregation in secondary education, I taught Latin for some time in secondary school.

Different life experiences have led me to explore and devote myself to spirituality.


This exploration taught me that human can be naturally free and fulfilled in his life, being connected to his own potential.


I trained in energyhealing and mediumship with different practitioners in Belgium and the United Kingdom, including the famous Arthur Findlay College.


I also collaborate with different mediums and energy healers on the European and American continents.

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GSM: 0493.20.58.73 (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)


For a geobiology, I go to the place.

For a consultation in energy healing, assestment or mediumship, I receive at:

Porte de Lauzelle Vallon, 1

1348, Louvain-la-Neuve

Possibility of parking at:

Mont-Cormillon road

Boulevard de Lauzelle

Rue de Saint-Ghislain

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/!\ GPS does not always recognize the address.

I suggest you enter the Route de Mont-Cormillon, park in the car park.

From there, head to the main road and take a left.

The room is located just before the roundabout.

Click on the following link to acquire a free pdf version of my practical workbook on the Law of Attraction.




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