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Mentoring offers a progressive development process around psychic reading but, above all, mental mediumship.

It is suitable for people who wish to be introduced to the world of mediumship and develop intuitive and communication skills with our deceased. This program is also suitable for people looking to expand their skills or those currently working in other intuitive fields.


  • Develop your subtle sensitivity.

  • Develop your own link with the spiritu wolrd (and more briefly with the spirit guides).

  • To be able to be centered in one's own Power.

  • Be fully autonomous.

  • Find out who you are.

  • Discover your own energy reading grid.

  • Develop your self-confidence.

  • How to become a professional medium.

  • Certificate.



1) Collective coaching: webinars

  • Discussions with Jim and his guide Uriel.

  • Deepening of subjects according to the requests of the students.

  • Guided meditations in different levels of consciousness.

  • Deepening exercises.

2) Practical training: a theoretical framework allowing above all the training of the techniques taught.

If you register before:

-the1-10-22, you receive up to 50% off using the code: RED50 .

-the1-12-22, you receive up to 25% off using the code: RED25 .

It is possible to request a spread of payment. You can then make the payment in 3 instalments.

To do so, contact

Note that if you opt for a spread, you will not be able to benefit from the reductions but will pay the amount in full.

Informations et inscription :

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